⦿ Agricultural Technology
Powering Africa's green revolution with fit mechanization
Growing population and food insecurity in low-income settings mean Africa needs a radical, non-conventional and affordable technology-based solution to boosting food crop production.
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⦿ About
Who are we?
AgTech hardwareMeSADA is an AgTech hardware developer start-up that works to fill the technology need gap for African context-fit technologies that make industrial farming for small and medium-scale farmers easier and cheaper
Affordable SolutionsThe company is a developer of just-fit agriculture technologies tailored to the requirements and budget of smallholder and medium-scale farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa
Automating AgricultureMeSADA exists to satisfy the intensification needs of smallholder and medium-scale farmers with technologies for automating control-intensive farming activities and boosting farm power
⦿ Mission
MeSADA's mission & VisionMeSADA's mission is to power Africa's green revolution with fit mechanization solutions to boost sustainable food crop production. 
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Our Vision is to be the leading company in the development and supply of cheaper and easy-to-use African context-fit technologies for smallholder and medium-scale farmers in the next 10 years.
Built by local engineers, run by local engineers.
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We aim to make industrial farming easy and more affordable for our target users. We strongly believe in creating African solutions for African problems.
⦿ Tests
Field Tests
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What's wrong
Growing population and food insecurity in SSA means the region needs a radical non-conventional approach to sustainably boost food crop production
30%The average maize yield in SSA is about a third (1.85 Mt/ha) of the global yield rate (5.8 Mt/ha).
300 millionthe number of people in Sub-Saharan Africa living in hunger as at 2019.
+$2B/yearSSA’s annual expenditure on food imports to make up for the food demand deficit.
x3the demand for food crops in SSA is predicted to triple by 2050 due to population growth.
What could be the cause?
“late-emerging maize plants lose 626 Kg per acre for every single day of delayed emergence”~ FarmProgress (2019)
“Research on maize yield improvement by Mississippi State University proved that seeding with a precision seeder boosts maize yield by 152.4 Kg per acre”.
90%+of food crop production processes are done with manual labor. Thinning farming population is greatly affecting agriculture intensity in SSA
60%+grain crop yield loss to seed spacing and uniform planting depth inefficiencies associated with manual planting.
⦿ Team
Meet the team
Young, Well-guided and Experienced Team
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Akwasi Badu-DebrahCo-founder, CEO
Bsc. Statistics
GIZ fair forward AI fellow
Data Scientist
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Eleazar ArcherCo-founder, CTO
MAS/MSc. Mechatronics Engineering
Mechanical design
Product development
Sustainable design
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Timothy AsareElectrical & Controls Designer
MAS/MSc. Mechatronics Engineering
IEEExtreme GH Co-Chair | PCB and electrical controls design
UAV specialist
Business development.
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Santa Mary ImedeMechanical Designer
MAS/MSc. Mechatronics Engineering | Sustainability
Mechanical design
Financial analysis
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Samuel Kamunyu KaruruHead of Manufacturing
MAS/MSc. Mechatronics Engineering | Engineering design
Welding specialist
Advanced manufacturing.
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